Freedom on the Tyne

January 18, 2018
MLL newcastle
Undated Newcastle University handout photo of a new statue of Martin Luther King that has been unveiled at Newcastle University to mark the 50th anniversary of a speech he gave there in 1967.

Martin Luther King visited Newcastle 50 years ago to receive an honorary degree from Newcastle University and it was commemorated in 2017 with an ambitious festival culminating in a citywide pageant involving many people.

The iconic Tyne Bridge was a thrilling setting for the climax of this unique city-wide performance commemorating Martin Luther King and those who risked their lives to gain our freedom. This once-in-a-lifetime celebration, Freedom on the Tyne showcased theatre, music, dance, circus and art – in celebration of pioneers of civil rights. A two-metre tall bronze statue of Martin Luther King is now permanently on display at Newcastle University.